Castle Odescalchi

  • Wedding planning in Castello Odescalchi by KR Esclusive Events

    Description of the place
    Just a short distance from Rome, on the southern shore of the Lake of Bracciano, there is one of the most beautiful feudal residences in Europe. a magnificent castle that still retains its magic. It's amazing to see with your own eyes the elegant interiors , to go through the secret passages that lead to magical gardens. From every corner you can enjoy a truly breathtaking view . The castle is a special place for the perfect wedding , overlooking the lake and with its back facing the town dominating the whole space around in the three dimensions.
    The exclusive rent of the castle will give you the chance to live all the spaces at your disposal.

    The symbolic ceremony or the symbolic repetition of the Civil Ritual can be performed inside, in one of the rooms of the castle or outside in one of the two gardens with the striking view of the Lake of Bracciano .

    The Secret Garden is an ideal place for romantic aperitifs in the shade of the magnificent cedars of Lebanon , the garden offers a spectacular view of the Lake of Bracciano.
    For dinner one of the lounges is perfect to accommodate your guests , the rooms are ideal for small groups and for groups up to 400 people .
    The festivities can move into the garden until late at night for fireworks and entertainment.

    * Pictures on this webpage are not works of our agency. They are added to show the options of decorations of the particular wedding place. Our works you can find in "Portfolio".

Frequently asked questions
Will my Italian marriage be valid in my country?
Yes! A highly convenient feature of an Italian wedding is that, unlike in other countries, you don't have to reside in Italy to be officially married there. For example, an official ceremony in France requires that you live in France. In Italy, we take care of submitting all the documents for you. All you have to do is to arrive 1-3 days before the wedding.  
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What do you do?
We offer a full spectrum of services for organizing your wedding in Italy, including: locating the venue, organizing the banquet and accomodation, hiring personnel to staff the event (such as photographers, caterers etc), registering contracts, decorating, organizing transfers, coordinating activities, and etc.  
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Do you arrange weddings all over Italy?
Yes, we happily travel anywhere in Italy! 
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Do you help to manage guests' travel and accomodation as well, particularly for foreign guests?
Certainly. We organize, plan, and manage the trips, the welcoming and the stay of the guests from abroad.  
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How are your fees arranged?
For small weddings, for just the couple, or four or less guests, we work a percentage of approx. 10% of services rendered. For larger weddings, we will apply a flat rate, depending on the complexity of the wedding itself.  
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When should you send a request for wedding planning?
It depends on the date, venue and structure of the events. The main point is the venue. If the location is very popular, and you want to celebrate your wedding at the weekend, during the high season, which is from April till October, then it is better to send a booking request at least 12 months before the wedding. The second most important consideration is the availability of good vendors and the planning itself. The less time before the wedding, the smaller is the choice of the vendors. If there is no problem booking the venue, then we recommend that you send a request no less than 6-8 months before the event. Weddings during the low season, from the middle of October to the beginning of April, are an exception and a shorter notice period of 3-5 months would be possible.
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