Cannes is A City of High Society on the azure sea of the French Riviera. Cannes is Known for ITS Tradition of World-class Festivals and social events, the Most popular of Which is the Annual Cannes Film Festival. Artists and Hollywood STARS from All over the World gather here for the prestigious events. Cannes is the City of well-groomed Sandy beaches, Luxurious Villas and hotels and Award-winning Restaurants, Which Offer gourmet cuisine.

A wedding in Cannes - will be a brilliant celebration on the seaside in the city of high society.

Near Cannes you Will Find Luxury Villas and castles with beautiful gardens and Panoramic views. Here, your Wedding Will Become the Most Memorable Event for you and your Guests! 

Wedding venues

In every venue we specified possible places for symbolic ceremony, reception, accommodation, distance from the airport and other useful information.

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