Chateau de la Napoule

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    Description of the place
    Perhaps the most massive among the castles of the French Riviera (Costa Azzurra), located in the small seaside village of Mandelieu La Napoule just a few minutes away from the west side of Cannes. This castle was originally built in the 14th century and was destroyed and rebuilt at least ten times over the course of its history.
    The local has several spaces for extraordinary events that are ideal for dream weddings , every space looks out onto the Mediterranean Sea and has an incomparable view.

    The terrace overlooks the sea and is often used for civil and symbolic ceremonies .

    For the aperitif we recommend the luxuriant garden or for smaller groups one of the incredible panoramic terraces.
    The banquet can be prepared in the beautiful outdoor courtyard surrounded by gardens with a maximum capacity of 500 people or in one of the indoor lounges that can host from 70 to 150 people.
    The celebrations can continue on the large terrace or in the garden until late in the evening.

    No rooms available.

    * Pictures on this webpage are not works of our agency. They are added to show the options of decorations of the particular wedding place. Our works you can find in "Portfolio".

Frequently asked questions
What do you do?
We offer a full spectrum of services for organizing your wedding in France, including: locating the venue, organizing the banquet and accomodation, hiring personnel to staff the event (such as photographers, caterers etc), registering contracts, decorating, organizing transfers, coordinating activities, and etc.
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Do you help to manage guests' travel and accomodation as well, particularly for foreign guests?
Certainly. We organize, plan, and manage the trips, the welcoming and the stay of the guests from abroad. 
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How are your fees arranged?
For small weddings, for just the couple, or four or less guests, we work a percentage of approx. 10% of services rendered. For larger weddings, we will apply a flat rate, depending on the complexity of the wedding itself.  
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Do you arrange weddings all over France?
Yes, we happily travel anywhere in France! 
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