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Wedding planning in Sicily

Wedding planning in Sicily

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A major South Italian island, surrounded/bordered by three seas - the Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian. Towards the south the beaches are sandy with a scattering of pebbles and on the north coast the shore is more rocky.Sicily also owns many smaller islands surrounding the mainland. A wedding in Sicily is a wedding in the centre of the world, right between Europe and Africa, in the midst of three seas. Throughout its history, Sicily has been a part of Greek, Arab and Norman territory and bears the influence of these different cultures. 

Sicily is known for its beautiful scenery - mountains, volcanoes, clear blue sea, green gardens and flower beds, mild, and sunny climate, as well as an amazing local cuisine with fresh produce and delicious Sicilian recipes accompanied by fine local wines.

In general, Sicily has everything - wonderful nature, beautiful sea and picturesque beaches, excellent cuisine, local sweets and wine, architectural heritage and cultural traditions. There is a wide choice of hotels and villas for weddings encompassing any taste. 

Wedding venues

In every venue we specified possible places for symbolic ceremony, reception, accommodation, distance from the airport and other useful information.

Create your once-in-a-lifetime moments with our professional expertise.

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We are honoured to take charge of one of the most important days of your life to make it a fairytale.

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About us

We are a luxury wedding planning agency, based in Milan. Our goal is to constantly striving for excellence, taste and elegance. 

We take care of all the planning: from the location choice to the selection of cake by the best Italian pastry chefs. We treat all the details with care to create uniquely designed, stylish and customised weddings.

We know locations in the region, where wedding ceremonies could take place. In addition, we are fluent in the required language and we are highly prepared to provide the necessary information regarding the European policy and the best local vendors.

We work and support our brides like best friends do by helping in the selection of the theme, colour palette and accompanying them to the finest boutiques to choose dresses and jewelry. 

We are a  professional wedding planning agency: we work only with high-quality vendors, continuously coordinated by our team, so your wedding in Sicily will go smooth and stressless.

We can meet you in anywhere around the globe - distance is not an obstacle for us.  

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