Venera & Maxim

Venera`s secret

The Venera’s Secret. The mystery that will discover only the closest people. 

The bride was the main inspiration for us. The mysterious planet, glorious goddess and bright personality - all that is merged in our Venera. “Happiness loves silence” is our couple’s favorite phrase. The story of their love developed rapidly, and even after the marriage proposal, the bride decided not revealed their secret till the end.

The most beautiful place of the villa is the Terrace of Infinity, Belvedere on the edge of the cliff, which offers a unique view of the coast. It is a place of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Usually no events are held on the terrace, but we were very lucky as there were only a few events held there before us.

The large number of white flowers and candles were used in the decor, which gave the venue the elegance and sophistication, just as the bride wanted.  


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