I can conquer the world with one hand as long as you are holding the other

Wedding name

Daryna and Alexander were born in Belorussia, they met in Switzerland, where they have been studying. Right now the couple lives in London. They continue studying at the same time building a fantastic career. If you take their age into account, it’s clear, that time and and circumstances are in their hands. This couple surprises everyone with their sense of purpose and ambitions, that guarantee their success in conquering the world! And the strengths and inspiration for making their plans come true they take, of course, from their love, which you can see in every look and move.


The main goal was to organise a classic wedding paying special attention to luxury and glory, which are made for royals. This was exactly the look we’ve got when we first met Daryna and Alexander. 

The place

Lake Como was chosen to be the place for the wedding, because this place has always been the one, where Italian aristocracy loved to spend their time. Np surprise - it is full of gorgeous villas with fantastic gardens, surrounded by breathtaking Alps. 

The look of the couple

Following all the traditions and etiquette of the wedding ceremony, the groom chose a black classic jacket and pants, designed specially for him at one of the most famous tailors in London. The bride chose an Elie Saab wedding dress. After the official ceremony, the bride changed her look to a more comfortable one, but not at all less elegant.

Wedding plan 

The gathering began in the hotel, where the groom with the guests and the bride with the bridesmaids went by boats. They arrived at the villa to have an official ceremony. The most touching moment was, when the couple told their vows, while a violin was playing live. At the end of the ceremony a sophisticated aperitif was organised. 

The next wedding was waiting for the guests with doors wide-opened leading to a festive dinner. The waiters were wearing elegant uniform and gallantly opened the doors for the guests. The most interesting element was Italian opera, that underlined the Italian style of the wedding.

The culmination of the wedding was a creative gift of the groom. For his bride he played a romantic song “The Pray” by “B2” (a Russian band), playing the piano. After Alexander stopped playing, the couple began their first dance, which ended with the song lyrics “Everything for love, I am nothing without you” and a big fireworks. The parents were crying and the guests were admiring the beauty of the moment. 


The most inspiring was a luxurious hall for the banquet. A unique drawing on the walls was impossible not to notice, and we added blue, brown and golden to the wedding palette, so that everything was in harmony. The drawings from the walls and the beautiful shapes of the mirrors we used also for polygraphy, on the pedestal and on the mirror at the entrance. 

The banquette hall became the core element of the whole wedding decorations. The most important goal was to make interior spacious, but to strengthen its magic, make it more sparkling. The hall was dark, so all the flower decorations we made in white palette. To make the interior more light we used crystal, which worked perfectly with crystal chandeliers that were already in the hall. Lounge zone was decorated with sofas and pillows in the colours of the wedding, and the stairs was lined with millions of candles.  

Photo: Fadeeva Marina  

Video from the wedding
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